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Choosing Your Tummy Tuck Surgeon

How to Pick Your Tummy Tuck Surgeon

Not all surgeons offer the same skills and techniques.

Just How Good Are The Before and After Surgery Pictures?

Check the doctor's before and after surgery pictures. Choosing an artist without seeing their work can be a major mistake. Carefully examine what is on their website, patient examples on forums, and other resources can give a clue just about that doctor's skills. This is an art form and proof is in the work itself. No examples and you are taking such skills on faith. A few examples, really can leave skills in question. Does this doctor only show a few results by selecting their best cases or do they just not have much experience? There are many variations of contour problems of the stomach and lower body. Each has their own special needs for contouring. Do you see examples of the specific variation of problem by this doctor? Learn more about Evaluation of Tummy Tuck Pictures.

Analyze the Skills by Studying the Surgeon's Sculpture Demonstration.
Look at the overall look of the stomach, its shape, and how it moves. For men, the abdomen should look male. Using female techniques on a man's body makes for a strange looking stomach. Look for smooth natural contours and proportions. If compromise surgery and fat still global concern, is this region consistent with the rest of the body?

Transition Zone
Check the transition zone, the region between what was sculpted and the remaining parts of the body. Dog ears are a common demonstration of a failure of transition. The scar for the skin reduction should hide nicely in modest bathing suit. Too high a scar cannot be hidden in clothing. Is there clothing hiding very high scars?

Belly Button
Check for positioning and shape of the belly button. The belly button is a focal point for the stomach. What does this surgeon's naval skills. Do you like the shape? Are all the belly buttons the same shape? True surgical skills can help individualize a belly button depending on many factors. Check how tissues move about the belly button which is the body's tether point attachment of skin to deeper tissues.

Dynamic Sculpture

This is a surgery that has a dynamic component. Looking at still pictures only tells part of the story. Before and After Tummy Tuck Videos will give a better demonstration of that surgeon's skills. If not videos, look for enough views to see around the entire body and how the tissues look bending over as in Dr. Bermant's Standard Tummy Tuck Pictures.

Healing and Recovery

Look for early after surgery pictures / video to see how much bruising and swelling. The more injury, the greater the swelling and bruising. Throughout the tummy tuck literature, this is typically a painful operation. Some surgeons have evolved their operation to minimize discomfort. Less swelling, bruising, and discomfort mean a easier faster recovery and return to activities.

Revision Surgery

Does your doctor perform Revision Tummy Tuck Surgery? What do the before and after surgery photos videos look like? Are the revisions on his / her own patients or is this doctor revising other surgeon's operations?

Patient Experiences

What does this doctor's patients have to say? Reading testimonials is one way, but Tummy Tuck Patient Experience Videos can show the emotion behind the voice and often are a better demonstration of the problem and what surgery accomplished.

Cost and Close to Home

Although Cost of Abdominoplasty and Tummy Tuck, or Cost of Lower Body Lift and Belt Lipectomy can be important, factoring in how often that doctor needs to perform revision surgery, how long patients take to recover, how much pain and discomfort they must go through should be factored into your decision. For many Travel for Tumescent Tummy Tuck becomes a more logical option.



Tummy Tuck Forum Overview is an introduction to our forums and boards. Learn what is normal, define deformity of the abdomen, weight loss issues, and extent of surgery to the stomach.

Tummy Tuck Information is an introduction to the analysis and exam of the stomach and the consultation learning process.

Tummy Tuck Pictures shows how to evaluate and understand standard views and how stomach tissues move, the dynamic component .Find before and after photographs and movies. Learn what views help define tummy tuck surgeon the problem and show issues about the results.

Tummy Tuck Surgeon learn how to pick your surgeon and about consultations the learning process about surgery.

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