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Body Photographs

Standard Photos Stomach and Body for Tummy Tuck and Body Lift

To best understand the problem of lower body deformity and possible surgical solution, Dr. Bermant has evolved Standard Views Abdomen Pictures for Tummy Tucks. if you are interested in showing what bothers you about your lower body, check how to make these images.

Loose tissues and sagging are the predominate issues of the lower body after weight loss or pregnancy. The problem often has a global component and understanding what is going on for the sides and back are critical to understand what compromises need to be made for the surgery. Therefore, this is an issue that needs to be seen from many angles. Bending over views permit gravity to distort the sagging structures. Pulling up on the loose tissues is the next set of details that pictures can show. Details of the belly button and scars up close reveal other issues.

Before posting or sharing, check that the pictures are in focus and really show your concerns.

Evaluating Pictures

How to Evaluate a Surgeon's Tummy Tuck Pictures can help validate skills, methods, and claims for technique. Be careful, not all surgeon use good documentation methods. When limiting views, bad results can be hidden.

Pictures can also demonstrate how much bruising and swelling a patient experiences. Not finding such early after surgery documentation by the doctor raises the question just what does it look like. The less injury, the less bruising, the less swelling, can all factor into a faster recovery.

Tummy Tuck Before & After Pictures

Before and after surgery photographs demonstrate the deformity and surgical sculpture solution.

tummy tuck picturesBefore and After Tummy Tuck Pictures for After Weight Loss and 2 Pregnancies

Patient Photographs Before and After Surgery Gallery

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Tummy Tuck Movies

Movies and Video reveal three dimensional nature of problem and Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty Sculpture solution. For showing how tissues move, video is the next step up over the still pictures. Neither are as good as a hands on exam. Dr. Bermant evolved his standard video to better match before and after surgery framing for a more accurate analysis. Turning in a circle and bending show how the tissues bounce and move. Bruising and swelling extents are revealed. Early after surgery movies document comfort of such patient movement. With video the patient's emotional experiences can really be demonstrated. Movie making and then bringing the video to the web is a time consuming process. That may be one reason it is hard to find such documentation by doctors of their sculpture.

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