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Tummy Tuck Consultation Evaluation of the Stomach and Abdomen

Tummy Tuck Consultation

Analysis of the Abdomen

Defining the problem is the first step for your Abdominoplasty Consultation. This involves a medical history including specifics about the stomach and abdominal wall. We have a detailed series of forms about general issues and a specific one for the abdominal region and belly button. This form can be filled out in our office during a consult or as part of our Preliminary Remote Discussion. Important details include:

  • What bothers you about your abdomen? The more we know about your concerns, the better we can help.
  • Is it issues about shape, contour, extra tissue, distortion, how tissues move, clothing, or other factors?
  • Any Symptoms that affect the abdominal region?
  • What was the most you ever weighed?
  • What is your current weight?
  • What do you want to weigh?
  • Do you know your body fat percentage?
  • Have you lost a massive amount of weight in the past?
  • How long has your weight been stable?
  • For women, have you been pregnant, if so how many times?
  • Any hernias? Any scars?
  • Have you had prior surgery or injuries to the abdominal wall?
  • If you have had any prior surgery or liposuction to the stomach, what was done, when, and by who?
  • Copies of previous surgery reports can be very important in understanding options.

The analysis then continues with the physical component. Tummy Tuck Pictures and Videos can show much about the problem as well as surgical solutions. This is an important starting point in potential surgeon selection and for a patient trying to minimize travel and start discussing issues by phone. Such documentation also becomes a powerful tool for our Forum enabling others to better understand your concerns.

examination of abdomenExamination of the Abdomen

Pictures are a starting point but do not replace an actual hands on examination.

Learning About Abdominoplasty

The consultation then continues with a discussion of the Risks of Abdominoplasty Surgery, benefits, and alternate methods of care. Tumescent Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty The actual surgery sculpture plan is designed from an artist's pallet of surgical components that evolve based on what is found during the operation.

The path between the problem and the final result can really vary between techniques. The Tummy Tuck Bruising Swelling Recovery Gallery demonstrates the evolution after surgery for Dr. Bermant's patients. To better understand your doctor's craft, look for examples of how your surgeon's patients get to their results. Recovery after Tummy Tuck Surgery is different than Recovering from a Body Lift . Understanding how you get from your original problem to the results empowers the patient for the best possible and fastest recovery. Comfort after Tumescent Tummy Tuck is simply amazing. Although Dr. Bermant prescribes a strong oral pain medication, many of his patients find that just plain Tylenol is enough to keep them comfortable.



Tummy Tuck Forum Overview is an introduction to our forums and boards. Learn what is normal, define deformity of the abdomen, weight loss issues, and extent of surgery to the stomach.

Tummy Tuck Information is an introduction to the analysis and exam of the stomach and the consultation learning process.

Tummy Tuck Pictures shows how to evaluate and understand standard views and how stomach tissues move, the dynamic component .Find before and after photographs and movies. Learn what views help dtummy tuck surgeonefine the problem and show issues about the results.

Tummy Tuck Surgeon learn how to pick your surgeon and about consultations the learning process about surgery.

Tummy Tuck Forum


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Tummy Tuck Surgery

Actual Tummy Tuck Surgery

These links are to graphic pictures and details of actual abdominoplasty surgery. Tumescent Tummy Tuck Anesthesia is local with heavy sedation, not general. Tissues are numbed with a dilute anesthetic solution. The Skin incision hides nicely under even a brief bathing suit. The dissection continues down to fascia covering the muscles. The Old Belly Button is detached from the surface skin. Abdominal Wall Fascia and Muscles are tightened. Any separation of the muscles or hernias are repaired. The excess Skin and Tissue is then Removed. Deeper tissues are repaired. Drains are soft rubber tubes to prevent collection of fluid after surgery. The New Belly Button is then created by sculpting the deep remaining stalk and making a new hole in the skin that has been pulled down now covering the navel site. Final Stomach Sculpture closes the remaining skin in layers. The Tummy Tuck Compression Garment maximizes comfort and minimizes bruising and swelling.

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