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How To Choose Your Surgeon for Otoplasty Ear Surgery.

Guide to Selecting Surgeon for Otoplasty Ear Surgery.

Not all surgeons offer the same skills nor techniques.

Just How Good Are The Before and After Surgery Pictures?

Check the doctor's before and after surgery pictures. Choosing an artist without seeing their work can be a major mistake. Carefully examine what is on their website, patient examples on forums, and other resources can give a clue just about that doctor's skills. This is an art form and proof is in the work itself. No examples and you are taking such skills on faith. A few examples, really can leave skills in question. Does this doctor only show a few results by selecting their best cases or do they just not have much experience? There are many variations of contour problems with ear deformities. Each has their own special needs for contouring. Do you see examples of the specific variation of problem by this doctor?

Look at the before and after images. Is the after surgery curve male looking or are there residual female like curves?  Is the surgery itself a compromise such as contouring an overweight individual. Surgery does not make someone with global body fat not look like they have global body fat. Where are the scars? Are there enlarged images showing the scars?  It would be most suspicious when a site only lists a few views and those views change from patient to patient. That is one way to hide the nature of the results or show the best view. The more inclusive set of images is a more consistent critical analysis of the quality of the sculpture. Learn more how to better Understand and Evaluate Otoplasty Pictures.

Experience with Specific Variation of Otoplasty Ear Surgery Demonstrated?

Ear Deformity comes in so many different varieties, check to see examples of your surgeon's skills with what you have.

Healing and Recovery.

Healing, recovery, and evolution of tissues after otoplasty surgery is as important as the final result. Are there early after surgery images?  What does the tissue look like during its evolution after surgery? Many will only show long term results, not how the tissue got there. Some techniques cause more disruption of tissues. The more injury, the greater the swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Look for something like this Bruising, Swelling, and Recovery Pictures documenting typical evolution for Dr. Bermant's patients.

With ear surgery, swelling and bruising cannot be easily hidden unless you wear long hair. Beyond that many daily activities like bringing a phone to the ear, pulling a shirt over your head, and even bouncing around can reveal an uncomfortable injured ear.

If something looks good early on, shortly after surgery, longer after surgery, and long term that has advantages over extended swelling and bruising. Less swelling, bruising, and discomfort mean a easier faster recovery and return to activities.

Comfort and otoplasty ear surgery depends on a surgeon's skills, what techniques used, and many other factors. How uncomfortable was the patient after surgery? Videos of patients talking about the surgery are one way to learn about this, their emotion behind the words has a great deal of power in understanding the nature of what a patient needs to go through to get to the end point.

Patient Experiences

What does this doctor's patients have to say? Reading testimonials is one way, but videos can show the emotion behind the voice and often are a better demonstration of the problem and what surgery accomplished.

Revision Surgery

Does your doctor perform Otoplasty Revision Surgery? What do the before and after surgery photos videos look like? Are the revisions on his / her own patients or is this doctor revising other surgeon's operations?

Cost and Close to Home

Although Cost of Otoplasty Surgery can be important, factoring in how often that doctor needs to perform revision surgery, how long patients take to recover, how much pain and discomfort they must go through should be factored into your decision. For many Travel for Otoplasty Ear Surgery becomes a more logical option.

Our Otoplasty Resources

Otoplasty Forum Introduction summarizers what is available here for our members and visitors.

Before and After Ear Surgery Picture Resource presents a large collection of problems and surgical solutions. How to take ear photos is particularly important for those posters who want to show their concerns with images. Also critical is how to evaluate photos of the ear to understand deformity and surgical solutions.

How to Choose Your Otoplasty Surgeon helps with selection issues, evaluating skills, and other factors in picking a surgeon for ear surgery.