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To help those with gynecomastia and their families better understand the problems, emotions involved, experiences, and possible options. Explore skills of the various surgical sculptors. Defining details can help with fear of the unknown.

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Male Breast Reduction Surgery is a detailed explanation of surgical sculpture.

Frequently Asked Questions collects the most commonly requested information. Try looking for answers here first.

Pictures shows details about photos and videos of the male chest. Find before and after photographs and movies. Learn what views help define the problem and show issues about the results.

Surgeon learn how to pick your doctor and about consultations the learning process about surgery.


General Forum is you place to ask questions about basic male breast enlargement issues, diagnosis, coping mechanisms, and other general issues.

Experiences Discussion - Do you have a story or experience about living with gynecomastia that you want to share?

Picture Board is a place to share your photographs and photos about your contour concerns.

Puffy Nipple Board Board to discuss puffy nipples, puffed nips, and subtle gynecomastia issues.

Fat and The Male Chest Discussion A place to discuss weight, fat, & obesity contour issues and how they contribute to gynecomastia contour issues.

Surgery Board Members' experiences with gynecomastia surgery and surgeons.

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Revision Surgery Board

Male Mastopexy Chest Lift for Men Board is your place to discuss a loose skin component of contour often seen after major weight loss or lost muscle volume.

FTM Female to Male Top Surgery Forum is for discussions about creating a male contour for the transgender female to male.

Inverted Nipple Board is for discussion about nipple inversion.

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Male Breasts & Puffy Nipples

Gynecomastia is Female Breasts on The Male Body. Man Boobs, Moobs, Gynocomastia, "bitch tits," gyno, are public terms for this condition. Gynaecomastia is the UK spelling.

There can be a great deal of emotion and stress living with gynecomastia listen to patients talk about male breast, sound clip, audio filemovie and video. The Male Breast is a contour issue. Gynecomastia Anatomy will consist of gland, fat, and skin. Galen first coined the term Gynecomastia. Although he was aware of the gland, he was describing the fatty form.

Pseudogynecomastia is a recent term that makes little sense supposedly meaning a fat is comprising the contour. Yet in the female breast anatomy, fat is part of the anatomy of all women's breast. A fat female breast is not a "pseudobreast"

Early contour problems of a small breast is commonly called Puffy nipples or puffy nips. This is a form of gynecomastia just as the pubescent female's early developing structure is called a breast. Puffy nipple anatomy will also consist of fat, gland, and skin. There is a Thin muscle just under the nipple areola that flattens puffy nipples. Once this structure relaxes, the underlying contour again shows. It is not practical to keep stimulating that muscle.

Gynecomastia Symptoms

There are many Gynecomastia Symptoms. The most critical is the contour deformity. Gland alone is not enough, since all mammals have this structure. It is the gland, fat and skin contour issue that makes for the female shape. The hormonal stimulation of the tissues can result in tenderness, soreness, and actual pain. Enough stimulation can result in male nipple discharge which can range from clear fluid to actual milk.

Gynecomastia Causes

There are several hormones that stimulate the glandular tissue to swell and grow. Remove the stimulation and the swelling resolves. This is commonly seen in women during their menstrual cycle. With prolonged stimulation, actual gland growth remains after swelling subsides. This is what the female breast undergoes during its development.

There are many medical problems that can cause gynecomastia. Hypogonadism, Klinefelter's Syndrome and Untreated Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia are but three of many possible causes. There are also many drugs or medications resulting in gynecomastia as a side effect.

The normal imbalance of hormones during puberty is one transient cause of male breasts. For most, it will resolve without intervention. How old before surgery is a common question. What has not resolved by 2 years typically will not.

Global Fat Contour Issues

"I do not like the way I look, but I am tired of trying to lose the weight myself. My stomach really does not bother me that much. Can't you just get rid of the breasts?"

Male Body Fat Distribution tends to put fat first on the belly and chest in a band extending around the body. This excess fat does not look good and camouflages the muscle contour. Surgery removing all of the fat and gland on the chest makes the body look bizarre and disproportionate. Compromise surgery that brings the male breast fat down to the thickness extending under the arm and around the back will still leave breasts. They will be smaller than before, but still breasts.

Weight loss before surgery is usually better than after. Dr. Bermant views this as surgical sculpture and prefers a coarse tool first, and then the tool of refinement second. Tighten tissues and then lose weight will probably mean that they will become loose again. Although Revision Gynecomastia might be an option, it is more expensive, 2 recoveries and some options may be limited.

Male Breast Forum and Experience Boards


If the shape looks like a female breast, then it is gynecomastia by definition.

The Normal Male Chest

The male chest is defined by the contour of pectoral muscles showing over the rib cage as can be seen in male chest anatomy drawings. All mammals, both male and female have gland, nipple, and areola. It is part of being mammal. Without nipples, the male chest looks strange.

Male breast examination alone is not reliable to determine the composition. Although fat tends to be soft and gland firm, fat can be firm and gland soft. Gynecomastia Tests and Diagnosis can be critical issues for growing breasts but are typically not needed for stable gynecomastia. Most testing needed are not for the gynecomastia, but the endocrinology issues causing the problem. Male Mammograms or breast x-ray can show gland component. But is the radiation exposure is worth that detail? In general Mammograms in men are best ordered after a suspicious clinical exam.

BMI Calculator / Body Mass Index Calculation is a good starting point to learn about possible global fat contour contribution. However, this number does not take into consideration what is fat, muscle, or bone. For that adding a Body Fat Analysis helps understand just how much is fat. If there is a global fat issue, then it will also be an issue for the breast shape.

Gynecomastia Treatment

If being male with breasts does not bother you, nothing needs to be be done. Unstable or growing gynecomastia needs to be evaluated and stabilized. If an underlying issue is not corrected, the breasts will continue to grow. If the problem is the result of a recent exposure to a stimulating event, having the problem evaluated and then possibly treated should be considered.

Medical management such as anti estrogens can help block conversion of excess Testosterone to estrogens. Such blocking can be of value for a hormone stimulated swollen gland, but has little to not effect on burned out stable breast tissue. The medical management is more critical in uncovering the cause and treating this underlying problem. It is this imbalance of hormones causing the discomfort, pain, and growth. Male breast reduction will not stop the growth, or symptoms of gland stimulation.

Body Shaping Garments can prove a major benefit in temporally shaping a male chest while the underlying issue is analyzed and stabilized.

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