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Chest Photographs

Standard Photos for Gynecomastia

To best understand the problem of the male chest contour deformities and possible surgical solution, Dr. Bermant has evolved Standard Pictures for Gynecomastia. These involve looking at the chest from multiple angles and the action of the motion on the chest. By standardizing the method pictures are taken, better analysis of the problem and result can be achieved. Take time to read the instruction on each of these links. Each instruction is critical. For instance, holding the camera in one hand pulls that arm away from the body destroying symmetry evaluation. The arms down views let tissues drape and hang. Arms on hips pectoral muscles relaxed and then flexed, compress the tissues over the pectoral muscles showing subtle deformities. The oblique and in some cases reverse oblique views bring out fine contour issues of puffy nipples and early deformity. There are other critical instruction like having pictures in focus, even lighting, and a warm room that might seem obvious, but a cold room will tighten the areola muscles and hide deformity. For my patients' pictures, we keep our exam room and documentation rooms warm and record the temperature for the exam to minimize variables. The Standard Pictures for Revision Gynecomastia extends these principles to flexing / relaxing views for side and oblique looking for contour issues in movement. For loose skin, Standard Pictures for Male Mastopexy Chest Lift After Weight Loss use gravity to pull tissues down and demonstrate laxity.

Evaluating Pictures

How to Evaluate a Surgeon's Gynecomastia Pictures can help validate skills, methods, and claims for technique. Be careful, not all surgeon use good documentation methods. When limiting views, bad results can be hidden. We do not live our lives with our arms down at our sides muscles relaxed. Good results should also look good while living life, playing sports, and flexing our muscles. Check out this example of Extended Crater Deformity After Revision Surgery. Results look almost acceptable from the front until the muscles flex. Watch the video to see just how bad a deformity can look with animation.

Pictures can also demonstrate how much bruising and swelling a patient experiences. Not finding such early after surgery documentation by the doctor raises the question just what does it look like. The less injury, the less bruising, the less swelling, can all factor into a faster recovery.

Gynecomastia Before & After Picture and Galleries

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Patient photographs &movies gynecomastia videos and movies before and after surgery.

Gynecomastia Galleries - Pictures Before and After Surgery

Gynecomastia Gallery - Puffy Nipples

Areola reduction / nipple reduction picture Gallery

Gynecomastia Gallery - Bodybuilders

Gynecomastia Gallery - Pictures Gland Removed

Revision Gynecomastia

Male Mastopexy

Before and after surgery photographs demonstrate the deformity and surgical sculpture solution.

If you consider posting, sharing, or using pictures for a Remote Discussion, check that they are in focus and really show your concerns.

gynecomastia picturesBefore and After Gynecomastia Pictures for Puffy Nipples. Limited views are not enough for adequate Evaluation.

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Male Chest Movies

Standard Movies for Gynecomastia are even more critical. For showing how tissues move, video is the next step up over the still pictures. Neither are as good as a hands on exam. Dr. Bermant evolved his standard video to better match before and after surgery framing for a more accurate analysis.

Bruising and swelling extents are revealed. Early after surgery movies document comfort of such patient movement. With video the patient's emotional experiences can really be demonstrated. Movie making and then bringing the video to the web is a time consuming process. That may be one reason it is hard to find such documentation by doctors of their sculpture.

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