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gynecomastiaSome questions keep popping up, getting asked over and over again. This section organizes some of the most common questions. We divide the questions by: sections.


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No Surgery Options

Surgery Questions

After Surgery Issues

Revision Gynecomastia Surgery.

Recovery Concerns.

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Gynecomastia - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Options Without Surgery.

body shaping garment for gynecomastiaI do not want surgery, is there any medication or pills I can take?

Are there any Natural Remedies to get rid of my gyne?

I can't afford surgery, how can I hide my gyno?

I can get an inexpensive sport compression shirt. Why spend extra money on Body Compression Garments?

Can I get rid of these puffy nips just by exercising and bodybuilding?

I am a man with breasts but enjoy them. Is there anything wrong with just leaving them alone?

Frequently Asked Questions about Male Breast Reduction Surgery.

I want smaller nipples How is a nipple reduced?

What kind of scars are involved with this surgery?

I want to avoid scars going around the areola, can this surgery just be done through the armpits?

I have loose skin after weight loss. Do I need bigger scars as you show in your Chest Lift section?

I have Puffy Nipples Do I need a Donut Mastopexy Skin Reduction?

Do I need drains and how long do they need to stay after surgery?

Will I need stitches removed after surgery?

What are those paper tapes over the nipples on Dr. Bermant's early after surgery pictures?

Do I need a consult? Why can't I just schedule surgery?

Why travel for surgery?

How long will I need to stay after surgery?

Can't any doctor remove my gyne?

How do I pick a gynecomastia surgeon?

Dr. Bermant your are retiring, do you have any recommendations for surgeons who use similar methods for Revision Surgery?

Dr. Bermant, who do you recommend for for gynecomastia surgery on your retirement?

Can a Male Chest Lift and Tummy Tuck be done during the same surgery?

How much is the surgery?

Can I get the surgery for free if I give permission for the doctor to use my pictures?

Can I get a discount or free surgery if I go online to praise the doctor and help build the practice?

What discounts are available to let residents and doctors in training practice on me?

Dr. Bermant how do you get rid of gyno? How do your methods differ from other surgeons?

Do you need to leave some gland behind to keep the nipple from collapsing?

Just how thick do you leave the nipple areola tissues with your surgery?

My doctor says Vasor Liposuction will remove gland. Can I avoid the nipple incision completely?

My doctor says they have a Special Cutting Liposuction Cannula that will remove gland. Does this work?

What is the most likely cause of tender one sided (unilateral) gynecomastia in 14 year old male?

Can One Sided Gynecomastia Change Into Uneven Growth on Both Sides?

Frequently Asked Questions about After Surgery Issues.

When can I shower after male breast reduction surgery?

How much will surgery hurt? How come some posts by some doctors' patients complain of so much pain?

I am only 6 weeks after surgery with a great deal of swelling and bruising. When will I see the results?

I am only 2 weeks after surgery and still have puffy nipples just like before. How do I tell the difference between swelling and gland left behind?

I just had surgery and see no change, I still have puffy nipples. My surgeon says this is just swelling and will go away if I am patient. Is he just covering himself?

I had surgery 7 months ago and there is some improvement, but I still have moobs.

I am little overweight 5 feet 7 inches and 275 pounds. I had surgery but I do not look the way I want to.

I am confused. I went for a consult and my doctor told me that he would use liposuction first to break down the gland. I am concerned will end with crater or flat. What order should the surgery be done?

I need to look good when flexing as I plan to go into competition bodybuilding. Dent In Nipple 2 1/2 Weeks After Surgery, will this go away?

I have painful swelling on one side after surgery yesterday. That side is badly bruised. Do I need to call my doctor?

I had surgery 2 days ago and my garment is soaked with blood. Is this typical and how do I clean my vest?

Will surgery prevent recurrence? I had surgery but my breasts have grown back!

I had hematoma blood collection with surgery and at 3 months after look as bad as I did before the operation. My surgeon says the hematoma will resorb and go away. Will it?

I have problems after surgery in another country. My doctor does not speak English. How do I get help?

I have a star burst strange scars after a donut skin reduction surgery on my chest for gynecomastia? What did my surgeon do wrong?

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