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Hi Dr. Bermant,

I have followed your work the past ten years.  I appreciate your caring and  "Get it right the first time" attitude.  Now I am 57 years old with the injured ego of a 13 year old still with me every time I take off my shirt.  My wife says I'm nuts.  At puberty I developed and they stayed and so did nipple sensitivity.  Last year after shoulder reconstruction surgery, I began vigorous strength training to rehab my shoulder and gain back muscularity.  In the process my breast glands grew.  The only supplements I was taking were creatine and protein powder.  I am experimenting with DIM to see if an aromatase inhibitor will reduce the new swelling and increased sensitivity. I am 5'10", 160 lbs and fairly muscular.  Here's my issue.  I was laid off last summer and am still trying to get back in to my career work of government affairs.  I have a good opportunity coming up, but by the time I am back on the job, you are going to be retired.  Who are you going to refer your faithful followers to?

East Moline, Illinois

Yes, there can be a great deal of Emotion Living with Gynecomastia.

New swelling and tenderness can be Symptoms of Gynecomastia of an unstable problem needing evaluation and stabilization before considering surgery.

Thank your for your comments.  Over the years I set up a methodology to achieve the best possible sculpture for my patients. That involved starting with a stable problem to minimize issues of recurrence. To understand any gynecomastia contour problem I needed a better method of documentation both by examination and pictures. This ended up now as several different sets of Standard Pictures for Gynecomastia. The hallmark of this documentation was a refinement of evaluation of details not demonstrated in the literature at the time of my initial work. The fact is that we do not live our lives with our arms at the sides, muscles relaxed. I was seeing unhappy patients after surgery done elsewhere that just could not stand how the tissues looked while playing sports, swimming, bodybuilding, and just having fun with their shirts off. This led me to challenge the literature and evolve my own Gynecomastia Surgery Techniques. Looking at the more critical documentation, analyzing what could be done better, and then refining the method of surgery became a passion that led to several standard sets of photos depending on the problem to be treated and an evolution of the surgery. The issue here is that one or two views of the problem and results just misses many contour issues. That is why analysis of flexing views, arms up overhead, and even videos is a better and more critical picture of the problem and what has been done. I then documented the path my patients were taking to get from the problem to the result. Looking at bruising, swelling and comfort after surgery, what could I do to make recovery easier. The documentation of this healing further helped my techniques.

Sorry, I have no one surgeon I will recommend. With seeing so many unhappy patients from other surgeons over the years and what I have reviewed from the internet and literature I do not know of anyone using the same methods. Since it worked for me, I have made new resources here on this forum to permit others to improve what they offer and for the public to make better choices.  Check out How to Pick a Gynecomastia Surgeon and How to Evaluate Gynecomastia Pictures / Videos.

While no surgeon can guarantee results or a recovery, my goal was to have my patients tell me that their experiences were close to what they found on my web site or better.

Like the tools I built over the years, I would expect these resources to evolve over time as techniques emerge and innovate surgeons and patients come up with better ideas. My goal was to build a living tool to better the world of male chest contouring for both the public and the surgeons who have a passion for documentation and showing they really have something better to offer. So I am referring people to a methodology of more critical analysis, better documentation of results, the paths it took to get there, and the documentation of the emotional component of this contour problem and solutions.

If interested, come join this effort to evolve what is available. No, with retirement I will not longer be offering my surgical sculpture, but perhaps the methodology can live on and even improve upon what I have done.

Let me know if you want to post your pictures here, I can waive the minimum post count to enable such pictures if you want to build this resource.

The best of luck on your efforts to get this contour under control. The emotional relief my patients have expressed has been a source of great satisfaction.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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