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Dr. Bermant: I have a question to ask you: what is most likely in a 14-year-old boy with unilateral tender gynecomastia?  thanks!

Tenderness is a common Symptom of Gynecomastia most often from the stimulation of tissues by hormones.

The most likely issue for a 14 year old's cause of gynecomastia either unilateral, uneven, or bilateral will all be the hormonal imbalance of puberty. A clinical exam by an experienced Gynecomastia Surgeon is the next best step. Breast cancer can also be one sided but tends to have certain characteristics.

Yes, I have seen many men who had gynecomastia only on one side. True One Sided or Unilateral Gynecomastia is the ultimate test of a doctor's skill. Make an operated side match something that never had surgery!  Here is another example of One Sided Gynecomastia. For most, the real problem is Assymetric or Uneven Gynecomastia, one side larger than the other.

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