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My nipples are normally flat. When stimulated they puff out. When relaxed they flatten again. Can surgery fix my puffy nips?

There is a Thin Muscle Under the Nipple Areola Skin that when stimulated tends to flatten most male nipples. The real function of this structure is to present the nipple for a baby to feed. When this contracted muscle puffs out but flattens on relaxation, surgery is not normally suitable for a fix. The goal is to have a good contour when this structure is relaxed. It is not practical to try to keep stimulating it. Make the nipple so that it is flat when stimulated, the problem becomes what it will look like relaxed. If the cure is a hole or Crater Defect when relaxed, this is not a good solution.

Trying to destroy this muscle is quite difficult, it is intimately attached to the skin and injury can result in loss of the skin, a scar looking worse than the original problem. Paralyzing the structure with a poison like Botox is not practical since, the effect is not permanent and the botox will most likely also affect the real close chest wall muscles, also disfiguring.

Look for Standard Gynecomastia Pictures to see if a technique works. If someone claims that they have a fix for this problem, you will also need to see for actual before and after pictures with the nipple stimulated and relaxed. If the problem looks good both relaxed and stimulated and with chest wall muscles relaxed, flexed, and arms up overhead, then you may be onto something I have yet to see documented by anyone.

Some have a combination deformity, both a component of gland and fat under the areola coupled with this muscle issue. Surgery can help with the underlying tissues, just not how that thin muscle contracts after surgery.

Hope this helps,

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