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I am only 6 weeks after gynecomastia surgery with a great deal of swelling and bruising. When will I see the results?

Swelling can obscure results.  6 weeks is very early after surgery for some techniques.

Posting Standardized Before and After Pictures can help others better understand your concerns.

How tissues evolve after surgery depends on the problem treated, surgical technique, skill of the surgeon, after care, scar care, and how a patient heals.  I prefer my Dynamic Technique in which there is minimal bruising and swelling.  The biggest change happens on the operating table.  That is how I am able to post images the day after surgery.  However, further refinement happens over time as sculpted tissues evolves as they soften with scar care, compression, and healing.  As with any cut, tissues need to heal and soften.

You can see other examples of early results:in this competition body builder here. This one sided (unilateral) gynecomastia shows the swelling after surgery typical swelling after my gynecomastia surgery compared to the side that had No SurgeryHere is another example of early healing after unilateral surgery typically seen with my techniques.  Here is another example of typical minimal swelling and bruising in a 14 year old patient with more images images of tissue evolution and swelling here..  You can find many more examples on my website of primary gynecomastia tissue evolution.

I perform many Revision Gynecomastia Male Chest Sculpture Operations on patients done by other doctors around the world. Each patient has told me how different their tissues were after my Dynamic Technique compared to their previous surgery.  They all have commented how the swelling was much less, comfort better, and their expectation met, even at their first view of the tissues after surgery.  This is typical tissue evolution after my Revision Gynecomastia Surgery.

However, even with these techniques, the tissue continue to evolve over time.  Here is another example of a patient revised after initial surgery done in Australia, early and 2 years after his operation.

This is real surgery and tissues do need to heal just like any other cut or injury. But it is reasonable to look for just how any one surgeon's methods evolve after surgery. What you see on my site are typical for my patients. Looking for your surgeon's progression photos can be a clue just how long that method takes until you will see results.

Hope this helps,

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