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I had a few blood tests ordered by my doc, all were normal. Why do I still have painful growing breasts?

Pain can be one of the Symptoms of Gynecomastia hormonal stimulation of gland. Gynecomastia Lab Testing can be a challenge best managed by an experienced Endocrinologist. Different labs have different reliability for some testing. In addition, Testosterone varies through out the day. Labs drawn at the wrong time may not really reflect what is currently going on. I have seen many patients who have an inadequate set of labs taken by a family doctor that just has no clue about such issues. Once these patients get under the supervision of the Endocrinologist, this matter is usually sorted out.

Another mechanism of the painful breast is constant mechanical trauma to the nipple. There is a thin muscle just under the areola that Flattens Puffy Nipples With Stimulation. Once relaxed, the contour problem comes back. Some patients have been traumatizing their nipples in order to minimize embarrassment to such a degree, that they have caused discomfort. I have used Body Shaping Garments to help prove the point. These garments will flatten the profile without the simulation. If the tenderness goes away when mechanical trauma stops, further lab testing becomes optional.

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