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I am a bodybuilder and need my chest to look good when working out. I had surgery to reduce my gyne and it looks fine at rest. As soon as I flex, it looks disgusting. Why?

It does not take much of a Puffy Nipple to really hinder the cut look of a Bodybuilder with Gynecomastia. The right nipple areola distortion on your magnificent photos detracts from the refined male contour.

Flexing expands the muscle compressing tissue above against the skin. Scar and gland do not compress the same as fat. Leave gland behind and it may look OK on a still image with the muscles relaxed. However, life is not like that. We need to look good when playing sports, flexing, swimming, and other activities with our chest exposed. I was seeing so many unhappy patients after surgery done elsewhere with these deformities that I named them Puffy Nipple Contour Complication After Gynecomastia Surgery.

Another variation I saw of unhappy patients done by other surgeons is the scar adhesion. Still photos can hide nasty deformity seen with movement like animation. Check out this demonstration of an Extended Crater Deformity after surgery first in New Jersey and then revision in New York. According to the patient, the second surgeon said there was nothing wrong? Take the time to watch the video. That is why I built a resource on How to Evaluate Gynecomastia Pictures to better understand the limitations of looking at a few images in an evaluation of a result.

Caution Graphic Pictures
Repeat Gynecomastia Surgery Sculpture is really an art form, the deforming tissue is usually residual gland and scar and really reveals itself during the animation of flexing muscles. Low body fat levels removes the contour buffer of the fat and the deformity sticks out even more.  This mass is normally under the areola muscle and over the pectoral muscle fascia, but scars can attach both.

Selecting a gynecomastia surgeon for this type of contouring should include seeing specific before and after pictures and how the tissues move before and after surgery. Here is a section I created on How To Pick Your Gynecomastia Surgeon.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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