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I have been working hard on getting my weight down. I have lost 40 kilograms but want to lose another 18.  I still have breasts and all of the loose skin is driving me nuts.

Rate me makes little sense in gynecomastia or female like breasts in men. It is like trying to rate a female breast.

Congratulations on your weight loss!  Does it not feel much better with that weight off?  40kg or 88 pounds is a significant amount of weight loss! But 18 additional kg or 40 pounds is not trivial.

Weight Loss Can help with the fat of gynecomastia, but not the gland. Remaining fat, gland, and sometimes the skin can be residual contour concerns.

Standard Pictures to Show Gynecomastia and Loose Skin Issues After Weight Loss can help others understand your concerns. Some are able to lose weight and not have a loose skin component.  This is not a black and white defined issue, but one of grays and subtleties.

Weight loss before surgery is usually much better than weight loss after surgery. Weight loss is a coarse tool, Plastic Surgery is better reserved for refinement. This is especially true when tissue sagging is a factor.  Why lift sagging tissue, lose more weight, and see that tissue sag again from further deflation? 

Weight loss and surgical sculpture is a series of compromises. What suites any one individual will vary.  Ideal sequence that I recommend my patients:

  • Get to a weight you are comfortable living with.
  • Let the skin adjust as much as it will. It can take from 6 to 18 months for skin equilibration after a gastric bypass and major weight loss.
  • After Massive Weight Loss, Consider Tightening Lower Tissues First. There is little sense to lift the chest and then have a tummy tuck, lower the chest result, requiring a revision chest lift.
  • Then Address the Chest.
  • Use No Surgery Body Shaping Garments as emotional support not to rush the process.

Bouncing redundant flesh also can be a major emotional factor stressing any patient trying to lose weight.  That is why I posted Videos of Compression Garments dealing with gynecomastia and stabilization.

The remaining fat and sagging can be stressful for a work in progress, being patient, finishing off the weight loss first is a better option.

When it comes time to look into surgery, male chest sculpture with loose skin is an art form needing special skills. Check for examples of the surgeon's work in this variation before risking a surgical gamble. Bad surgery with this problem can sometimes be impossible to fix.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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