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I am a man but lactating like my wife. Why do I have nipple discharge?

Breast tissue in mammals is designed to make milk. Glandular tissue in both men and women, under hormonal stimulation will produce milk.

There are many possible Causes of Gynecomastia that can cause male lactation that I have seen over the years  Male Nipple Discharge such as lactation, is a major red flag that should be evaluated by an endocrinologist first. 

With the help of endocrinologists over the years, I have evolved a Red Flag system of Gynecomastia Symptoms.  This methodology was received well during my invited Gynecomastia lecture at a recent American Association Of Clinical Endocrinologists national meeting.

Endocrine treatment depends on the problem to be treated. I prefer to sculpt a stable problem whenever possible before surgery.  That is how I am able to help my patients keeping risk of recurrence so low.

However, not all patients who thought they had "lactation" actually had problems.  Some actually were squeezing their nipples so hard that normal tissue fluid was coming out from the trauma. There are other possible sources for male nipple discharge, most should be evaluated.

Hope this helps,

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