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When can I drive after surgery?

Driving after any surgery requires being able to think clearly and not be in pain. For those operating vehicles requiring strong chest muscle work such as some trucks and shifts, use of these chest muscles can be a factor.

How soon these are not factors depends on the original problem, what was done during surgery, skill of your surgeon, Plastic Surgery Anesthesia used, Compression Garments, and many other factors.

Our Male Nipple Reduction Surgery patients are done under local anesthesia and are able to drive right after surgery. Our gynecomastia surgery patients are done under local with heavy sedation. They are able to drive short distances several hours after surgery once they are no longer sedated. We work very hard on our patients' comfort and ease of surgery. Our garments have been a significant factor.

To operate a vehicle effectively, you need to be comfortable and not taking strong pain medications. Comfort after Gynecomastia Surgery is something I have concentrated on for years. Although I prescribe a strong pain medication, my patients tell me that plain Tylenol alone is enough to keep them comfortable. If you need the stronger medications, then you should not be driving.

Surgery is a form of controlled injury. I describe to my patients that my surgery is like recovering from a sprain. How soon you recover from any injury depends on how much you have been injured. What you see on these Swelling and Bruising After Gynecomastia Surgery Pictures is typical for my patients. Most doctors do not show the progression of healing. To see what they offer, frequently you need to search through forums to see what patients post about early after surgery pictures. More swelling and bruising means more injury and slower healing. If someone is badly bruised or swollen, then timing to driving can also be a factor.

Take your time to explore my patient experiences on our old static boards on the right floating menu below. Remember, this recovery is typical for my patients. To learn what any specific other doctor's methods will give, look for pictures of the recovery or patients telling of their experiences. Look for as much documentation as possible.

Hope this helps,

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