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I can't afford surgery, how can I hide my gyno?

There can be a great deal of Emotion Living with Gynecomastia. Many try to hide the contour problem with baggy clothing, multiple layers, thicker clothing, elastic clothing, hunching the shoulders forward, gaining weight so that a big belly sticks out further, or just plain avoiding being seen in public.

There are many different types of elastic clothing on the market. I did an analysis of what was there several years ago and designed a demonstration of Body Shaping Garments for different degrees of bodies. Not only are there with and without garment pictures, but I also demonstrated a video of how the tissues are better stabilized when bouncing and bending. There are several pages of details in this demonstration. I have tried many brands and to date, these garments are the best for covering this issue on land. They are a powerful contouring tool for the patient trying to stabilize a problem, finish losing weight, or just until they can afford surgery. They also become an option for someone who has bad scarring issues.

In our office we have a better option for learning the power of these compression garments. We let our patients try them on. I recommend that they try bouncing up and down in front of a mirror with their chest exposed. Repeat the bouncing and bending with a garment, and then again with the garment and street clothing. The problem we got into when fist trying this option, the patients just did not want to take the garments off. So we now offer them for sale in our office and on our Surgery Store: Second Stage Compression Garments. The most amazing thing that happens when patients try this on, is their faces, there is a glow there and smile that is a pleasure to experience.

Hope this helps,

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