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I have tender growing breasts, what is the next step?

Tenderness and Breast Growth are Symptoms of Gynecomastia. What needs to be done depends on what is happening. Such symptoms are common during the imbalance of hormones during puberty. It also can also be the symptoms of any of these Causes of Gynecomastia or Drugs Causing Gynecomastia. If it is the result of medications, talking to the prescribing doctor is the first step. If there is no known issue going on, than an evaluation by an experienced Endocrinologist is the next step to investigate possible causes of the breast growth and tenderness. If the problem started with something taken on your own such as a cycle of anabolic steroids, stopping the offending agent and finding if treatment is needed can be critical. The body's hormone system is in delicate balance. Disruption of this balance may not stop by stopping the source. That is why early evaluation and intervention can be critical in certain circumstances.

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