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Dr. Bermant
I have interviewed several surgeons for my gyno surgery. All have told me that they will leave gland behind to keep the nipple from collapsing. I don't want a crater defect. You talk about getting all the gland out. How can this be done without causing a problem the other surgeons were talking about?

Checking actual before and after pictures can reveal what can and cannot be done, especially if it is not just one or two views that change from patient to patient.

Actually, I do not leave a small disk of gland behind. I have seen just too many patients unhappy with the results from other doctor's who do leave gland. Remaining gland is firm, does not feel like fat, does not move like fat, and when the areola muscle relaxes, residual puffy nipples just does not not look good at all. This is especially true on animation.  That is why many doctors do not show pictures with muscles flexing or arms overhead.

Good surgical sculptors can remove massive glands as you can see from this Gallery of Gland Removed from Gynecomastia Surgery and not have Crater Deformity after Gynecomastia Surgery. You can click on any of the gland pictures and go to the before and after surgery patient photos.  

Hope this helps,

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