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Gynecomastia Surgery Forum - Will Liposuction Remove Gland?
« on: February 26, 2011, 08:00:09 PM »
I just saw a surgeon close to home who told me VASER liposuction will be all that is needed for my gynecomastia. The liposuction will dissolve the gland and he could avoid a cut around the nipple to remove the gland.

Liposuction such as ultrasonic, VASER, power assisted, and sharp cutting cannula preferentially remove fat over gland.  Gland tends to exist under the nipple areola region.  When fingers of fat extend between fingers of gland, breast reduction can come from removing the fat and leaving gland behind.  On animation such as flexing the pectoral muscles or putting the arms over head, gland does not compress or move like fat.

When gynecomastia is from fat, liposuction works very well for contouring the chest.  I have seen many patients from other doctors who tried to use liposuction alone techniques that left gland behind that the patients just did not like for Revision Gynecomastia Chest Sculpture.

I see so many individuals unhappy after liposuction surgery done elsewhere where the surgeon reportedly claimed their liposuction would manage the gland component.

One common form of residual gland after liposuction alone is the Puffy Nipple Complication After Gynecomastia Surgery. This page explains why targeting gland first is so important. If the gland is trivial, leaving it behind will not be a problem. This is not cancer surgery. However, gland does not compress like fat. Performing liposuction first tends to dig a hole for remaining gland. What may appear as a flatter contour, puffs out further as the pectoral muscles flex, arms raise overhead, or the areola muscles relax. It explains the reasoning behind my Dynamic Technique. The key to this Dynamic Technique is to target the gland first. It is not just simply evolving what happens during surgery based on what is found. The Dynamic Technique also means that the results should look good on animation, playing sports, living life.

Recently I have been reviewing requests for help from men unhappy after other surgeons' gynecomastia surgery. There were over 500 requests for my help! Many were for residual contour problems from failures of liposuction alone or partial gland excision with liposuction.

But in the end, each surgeon has the methods he / she prefers. However, words alone saying it works are not enough. It is the result that counts. Check for actual examples from many different angles and demonstrating how tissues move to see if there is any remaining firm tissues showing. A good result should include:

  • be more than just one or 2 views of the result, (be wary especially if this limited view choice changes from patient to patient)
  • that a patient does not need to keep his arms down or not flex his muscles to hide deformity,
  • a result that looks good from many different views and looks good even on animation while living life no longer hiding the chest with clothing,
  • look for movies of the result, videos are even more revealing of animation issues than flexing photos,
  • and a result that does not typically need so much bruising, swelling, and discomfort to get to the other side.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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