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Welcome to aBodyBeautiful collection of Plastic Surgery Forums and extended collection of information. We cover the problems, experiences, solutions, and issues facing those with deformity and undergoing surgery. Use our extensive educational resources to begin your research. Use our integrated Encyclopedia and Plastic Surgery Search Engine. Help others by sharing your knowledge. Go directly to our Message Boards or navigate to the specific section using the directory below. Our Plastic Surgery Forum Overview explains our board rules and how to use this site.

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Forum and Board Directory

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general plastic surgical board

General Plastic Surgery Issues Forum is for those with issues that do not neatly fit other forums. When possible, please pick a more specific forum for your posting as this is for general concerns that transcend such classification.

pick surgeon message board

Pick a Plastic Surgeon Discussion is the board to learn about issues picking a surgeon.

weight loss discussion group

Weight Loss and Plastic Surgery Board - In general, Plastic Surgery is not an alternative to losing weight. After weight loss, there can be many contour issues that surgical tightening can address.

otoplasty discussion group

Otoplasty Surgery Forum is for discussion about ears, deformity, and sculpture options. Our Otoplasty Overview is an introduction and collection of resources about Ear Deformity and Ear Sculpture. Otoplasty Picture Gallery explains how to take photos of the ears and has a gallery of before / after photographs.

rhinoplasty discussion group

Rhinoplasty Nasal Surgery Board is for issues about the nose and surgical options.

facelift discussion

Facelift Forum exchange experiences and concerns about the aging face and rhytidectomy facelift options.

Eyelid Surgery Message Board

Blepharoplasty Forum is our board for discussion about eyelid cosmetic concerns and surgical options.

brow lift board

Brow Board is for discussion about forehead lift, browlift, and plastic surgery of that region.

neck lift message board

Neck Lift Message Board is for issues about neck contour problems and solutions.

gynecomastia forum

Gynecomastia Forum Your place to discuss male breasts. Introduction to Gynecomastia explains definition, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment. Gynecomastia Surgery describes surgical treatment. Find extended galleries of Gynecomastia Pictures & learn how to evaluate images of the male chest. Frequently Asked Questions is a great place to start looking for answers. Then learn How to Pick A Gynecomastia Surgeon. Discuss your Experiences Board, post your Picture Board, talk about Puffy Nipples, learn about Fat and The Male Chest, explore Surgery Experiences Board, Recovery After Surgery Discussion, Revision Surgery Forum, loose skin & the Sagging Male Chest Discussion, and Female to Male Chest Contouring Board.

breast reduction board

Female Breast Reduction Board Your place for discussion about the female breast that is too large and reduction issues.

Breast Lift Board

Female Breast Lift Board Forum for those concerned about low or sagging breasts in women and mastopexy surgery to lift and tighten sagging tissues.

Nipple Message Boards

Inverted Nipples Forum and discussion about nipple inversion and plastic surgery options for the inverted nipple.

liposuction discussion group

Liposuction Discuss issues of localized fat without loose skin components that can be managed by liposuction.

tummy tuck forum

Tummy Tuck Forum Discuss Tummy Tuck plastic surgery for the stomach and abdomen. Tummy Tuck Forum Overview explains our various boards and resources for cosmetic surgery of the stomach. Tummy Tuck Information explains how to pick your Tummy Tuck Surgeon and what is covered during a consultation. Tummy Tuck Pictures explains how to evaluate photos of the abdomen, before and after galleries, and the power of video in showing the problem and surgical solution.

belly button board

Belly Button Umbilicoplasty Discuss issues about the belly button and umbilicoplasty belly button plastic surgery.

lower body lift boards

Lower Body Lift Board for those with concerns of lower body issues and experiences with lower body lift and belt lipectomy.

Thigh lift discussion group

Thigh Lift Discussion about sagging thighs and thigh lift surgery.

butt lift board

Buttock Lift Board Group for drooping rear and surgical lift options.

revision tummy tuck board

Revision Tummy Tuck and Lower Lifts Forum to explore issues after tummy tuck or body lift exploring revision issues and results.

Here are our older static message boards where you can find over a decade of questions asked and Dr. Bermant's answers.

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